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Weight Loss Blog Tips from a 100 Pound Loser!

Wow – did I hit the jackpot with this one & am SO thrilled to share it with you! Everyone’s weight loss journey is different so I think it’s important to tell other people’s stories in hopes to help those needing to make the first step or stay motivated to continue on their journey. So I reached out to my alumni at Integrative Nutrition to see if anyone wanted to share their story & Health Coach Paula Lescoe, AADP lost over 100 lbs. & has kept it off for eight years. She was kind enough to take some time to reflect on how far she’s come & answer my questions. But you can get some serious motivation by checking out her blog She posts weekly with weight loss guidance that is meant to be inspirational, kind & gentle.

Paula’s Top 5 Basic Tips for Someone Beginning a Long Weight Loss Journey:

1. Be Kind to Yourself
I cannot emphasize this enough.

2. Harness the Power of Your Thoughts
I had to change my thinking before I could change my life.

3. Take Small Steps & Ease into New Behaviors
This allowed me to slowly adjust to a whole new lifestyle.

4. Embrace Your Uniqueness
I had to do what felt right for me at my own speed.

5. Embrace Imperfect Behavior
I gave up trying to eat perfectly and exercise perfectly.

One Thing Paula Still Struggles With Today:

After 8 Years, I am still challenged with listening to & understanding what my body needs both nutritionally & physically. Physically, it’s like there’s a disconnect between my mind and body. For example, I take spin classes a couple of times a week yet never experience any pain no matter how hard I push. I’m still searching for a way to establish that connection by exploring different forms of bodywork and have tried yoga, Pilates, dance, Reiki, massage, Rolfing, & breathwork. During my weight loss, part of my transitional behavior involved planning meals & being very disciplined about diet & exercise. My ultimate goal is to think & act like a naturally thin person. I’d like to consistently trust that my body tells me when she’s hungry, what foods are best, and when I’m full without having to always think about it.

One Thing That Keeps Paula Going:

My desire to be healthy continues to be my primary motivator. I feel fantastic & have tons of energy. In many respects, I’m a completely different person and have done things like horseback riding and taking a balloon ride that I never would have done when I was overweight. I love my new life & am committed to being active & healthy for the rest of it.

Thank you, Paula! May you continue to be an inspiration to others!!

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